Plymouth Firework Festival

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Smeatons Tower.

Every year Plymouth holds a firework festival over two nights in August. This year the 6 winners from previous years where to battle it out for a over all winner. My partner and I having just got back from a sunny time in Spain chose to go on the second night of the competition. As we thought parking would be a nightmare we chose to go by train and got on the hoe just as the first set was starting and found it very windy. Each set was supposed to last for 10mins with a another 10 min gap in-between. This shot was taken in the second set which was fantastic apart from the the weather which was blowing a gale and was curtailing the displays as they had to be set of lower and shorter the last display was only a couple of minutes long before they stopped it completely  and rescheduled it for next year.


  1. Super shot Richard, every time I see these I wish I had gone.

  2. Great shot Richard, from what I hear it was quite blustery last night

  3. thanks both it was so windy the third set was cut short which was a shame

  4. Wow! this is fabulous, absolutely stunning.

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  6. Very good

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  10. Just fabulous

  11. Fantastic shot, well done. I tried to get a very similar shot to this, but the wind made it extremely difficult so you did really well to do such a great job with this!

  12. [] thanks Jed it was a awfully windy evening and this was the only shot that came out ok. Think a app needs to be developed that lets us know when we are near our Flickr or Twitter contacts as we could be standing next to each other and not even know.

  13. Corker mate.

  14. [] Cheers Mark best i could get from the evening. guaranteed not to win anything in club competitions lol

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  16. Very nice. One of the better ones from the tower shots I’ve seen. There’s alot of silhouette lighthouses & I think to see the tower adds to it.
    I’d crop in tighter so the bursts are almost to the edge

  17. [] check the copy on my website which I’ve cropped Mark

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  19. Great shot Richard

  20. Well Mr Richard Sir this is a belter and nicely captured.

  21. [] cheers Mike

  22. [] Why thank you very much Mr Dave 🙂

  23. Great

  24. Is this the one I would have seen in competition last night?
    It looked familiar and I am surprised I had not commented on this fine image.

  25. [] yep this is one of the gold winners from the comp i’m very chuffed it did so well

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  30. this looks fantastic,wonderful colours and composition you’ve done a great job

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